Hall of Fame
  2017 Inductees
Brian Shimanek   

Lives in Green Bay.

Started playing Dartball in the Denmark, (WI) church league in 1980 at the age of 15. He shot in the Denmark league until 1991. In 1981 he started playing in the Green Bay Dartball League, which he continues to shoot in. Brian has a lifetime batting average in the Green Bay League of .602. He has 23 seasons over .600, and six seasons over .660, with his high of .679 in 2013-14. He has attained those high averages while shooting mostly triples, leading the league in triples and RBI’s for 24 straight seasons (and counting). He is the primary set up person for the Green Bay League on Wednesday nights. Brian is a 7 time state 9-player champion (5-A, 2-B), a 3 time class A state 4-man champion. He has won multiple tournament and state shoot off awards. He has served on the state committee since 2001.

Nominated by Scott Peterson.

Jim Sauve   

Lives in Two Rivers.

Started playing Dartball at the age of 16. Has played in the Cool City League and the Manitowoc County League. He batted over .600 for 8 seasons, and over .550 for 20 seasons, winning numerous high average awards. Jim played on and sponsored many tournament teams over 29 years. His Sauve’s Dartball teams won 9 state 9-player championships, (7-A, 1-B, 1-womens) and 2 class A state 4-man championships. He also sponsored a league team in the Cool City League that won 28 championships in 31 years. Jim is the retired owner of Sauve’s Auto Service.

Nominated by Rick Klabunde and Al Komoroski.

Scott Peterson   

Lives in Green Bay.

Started playing Dartball in 1981 at the age of 15 in the Denmark, (WI) Church league. Has played in the Green Bay League since 1985. Has a career average of .548 in that league, with a high of .615 in 1995-96. Scott is President of that league, and has held that position since 2001. He also has led the league in singles every year since 1992. In addition to being a team captain, Scott has been on the State Dartball committee since 1999, currently serving as state secretary. He is a 7 time state 9-player champion (5-A, 2-B), a 3 time class A state 4-man champion, and sponsors the Pete & Sons Dartball team. He also started the Dartball website for the state committee in 2007 and ran it for the first 5 years. He has introduced Dartball to many people, and both his sons, Zac & Noah play Dartball.

Nominated by Brian Shimanek.

  2017 Inductees